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  1. Mariana, I took pictures for you.
  2. Marianne, dear, good night! See you tomorrow!
  3. Hi Irina, I did not see your message yesterday to answer, because I do not get a notification on Tapatalk for that type of message.
    I can only see posts and Private Messages.
  4. Marianna, today 4 new topics. But do not worry. I have a reserve of new photos for the three new topics. If no one creates new topics today, then in the morning I can do it.
  5. Marianne, I want to clarify:
    1. The need to raise the immune system (see what preparations are in Greece)
    2. From worms (to look to kill the worms, which can cause damage to the skin)
    3. The use of drugs that kill ringworm.
    there is no diagnosis. Therefore, this proposal girls - complex treatment.
  6. InzolŪ Dermatofiton vaccine analogue of Russian drug (I think)
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