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  1. Honey, don't lose me. My children are asking for food. Lol Otherwise, Boris will break the terrarium.
  2. My dear, my eyes are closing. Therefore, I will not wait for an answer. See you tomorrow. Have a nice day, my dear.
  3. Honey, I'm back on the forum. How did you sleep?
    Now I drink tea and sandwiches before bed.
  4. Honey, see you tomorrow !!!! Hope you have a good day.
  5. Honey, I sent a letter to email.
  6. Honey, I will not wait for your answer. See you in the morning. Have a good day!
  7. My dear, may I fall asleep. But if not, I will come to the forum again to get the news.
  8. Honey, I will read your answer tomorrow. I know that you are usually busy at this time. Have a good day! Do not lose me tomorrow, my angel.
  9. Thanks, my angel. Rush had news?
  10. Enjoy your coffee my dear, you earned it.
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