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  1. Yes, if we assume that Lily will lay eggs in 1/2 months, then you can imagine how much useful information there will be about pregnancy and how many comments there will be. lol Therefore, it is possible to leave this topic, and in the end to collect information in an abbreviated form - only useful facts and photos.
  2. Спасибо! И эта опция для удаления комментариев очень интересна и полезна.
  3. Stephen, don't worry. Probably due to the transfer of the forum to another server, some features are missing. I will remember this topic and in the future I can move it to the desired section. This is important to make it easy to find. Other users may come and see your experience.

    In addition, there is another option (even better). After the eggs are laid, you can make a shorter version of your theme (without users comments). So that other people can read your experience and apply to their girls. This is an example of my short version. If I left the old topic, then there would be a lot of pages. And other people could hardly understand important information.
  4. Okay, I will update it starting tonight.

    Should I create a new theme in a different category? Female Iguana Breading Season perhaps? That is a good idea, sorry I did not think of it.
  5. Stephen, I now unfortunately cannot move the topic, but I want to give advice. Additionally, write your observation of her behavior: how her appetite, how she relates to you, how interested in the nest, etc.
  6. I hope that you will take part in any case.
  7. I am still working on my planned Halloween surprise! If it does not work out, I can still do some costumes, although getting Bill to wear one is not likely. ha ha
  8. Stephen, I want to remind you about the Halloween contest.
  9. Hooray!!!!
  10. I am plotting a surprise, that I hope you and the rest of the forum will enjoy.
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