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  1. Anna, I would like to talk about Polish films and literature. Because I love some movies and books. It would be nice to talk with a Polish friend about it.
  2. Anna, thank you so much! I just saw your letter. And wrote the answer. Thank you for your attention!!!
  3. I replied to you via email because the message I generated was too long 2200 characters and max is only 1000 :)
  4. Gdansk
  5. In which region of Poland she is now? Each region has their own specialty :)
  6. Anna, I wanted to ask for advice. What Polish souvenirs are considered the most popular for foreigners? My sister is temporarily living in Poland. And I would like to give a gift to my friend abroad.
  7. I am very glad that I helped. If you delete the pictures, then you will have a short version of the table. Can be printed on a printer. It looks like this: It turns out only three printed A4 sheets. This is certainly an example of a Russian table.
  8. Yes!
  9. I am glad that there are no problems. It is convenient to use?
  10. Hey, hey :) Yes, thank you ! I opened it but forgot to reply
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