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Thread: Managed Flight !

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    Exclamation Managed Flight !

    A new idea - "Managed flight" as opposed to wing clipping

    First off I wouldn't ever clip a birds wings unless it was "fully fledged" meaning it can fly , navigate , and land properly !
    That being said I feel it can be another tool in the Bird owners box ! I know a common first reaction is that it is a cruel thing to do. After all, birds are meant to fly. However, there are valid reasons for clipping. First and foremost is the bird's safety, but there are also other reasons

    Safety - Unclipped birds can panic and fly into windows, glass doors, or mirrors. They can fly into kitchens and land on hot stoves, burners, and pans. They can fly into overhead ceiling fans or dangerous electrical appliances. Small birds, able to get into smaller spaces, can fly into open cupboards and drawers and be locked in or get trapped behind refrigerators. Others have drowned in open toilet bowls.
    There are many things around our homes that are toxic or dangerous to birds, lead paint, household cleaners, etc. A flighted bird can reach such items more easily. There is no end to the number of dangerous and lethal items that your bird may find attractive, edible and/or perchable.

    Loss Prevention - For most of us, losing our bird would be a very painful thing. It would be even worse if the loss could have been prevented. An open door or window is an invitation to an unclipped bird. No matter how tame, birds will fly out and may be lost forever. Some of us take our birds out in the sun or transport them to the vet or take them with us on a trip. In all these situations, no matter how careful we are, an opportunity to fly away may present itself. Clipping a bird's wings is an easy way to reduce the possibility of such a loss.

    Training - Birds, like children, must be taught where they are allowed and where they are not allowed. They should be trained to stay, when placed on a gym or other permissable area. A bird with clipped wings will be more likely to stay where you place him.

    Behavior - Some birds are more aggressive and difficult to train. Many people find that clipping a bird's wings diminishes aggressiveness and makes a bird easier to work and play with.

    When to Clip
    Birds should be clipped when their feathers have grown back enough so that they can fly more than a few feet.

    What and How Much to Clip
    After clipping a bird should still be able to fly a few feet. This enables him to protect himself from a fall, by giving him enough lift to land safely. If clipped too drastically, he won't be able to maneuver to avoid hitting something dangerous or to break his fall. As a result he may injure his beak, breastbone or wings or even break a leg as he plummets to the ground.

    I did not post this to start a debate , it is intended as an aid for anyone considering "managed flight" below are a few diagrams to help visualize the procedure .

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    Here is a clipped quaker to help visualize ;

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    I hope this can help anyone coplating the process !

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    Duane, thank you very much! Good article.
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    My parents do not cut their wings to parrots. But therefore, always during my visit to them, the most used phrase: "Do not open the door." Thank God that the windows have mosquito nets. Otherwise, I could not even open a window.
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    Thanks for the information Duane, It should be helpful for people.
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    Thank you for the post, Duane. Now I know what everyone was talking about.

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