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Thread: Iguana Staple Diet

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    Iguana Staple Diet

    Here is our iguana diet thread. At some point you should read it from beginning to end, and print it out for reference. In the meantime, below is what I feed daily if you want a quick reference. You should give your iguana 6-8 (preferably 8) different types of greens in every meal and then shred one or two types of veggies and mix them in. On top of that, add reptile calcium powder (WITHOUT D3), and if you want you can add a probiotic like, Bene-bac. I recommend a blood test at some point done by your reptile vet to make sure you aren’t feeding too much calcium. If so, you can adjust to giving the calcium powder ever other day, or weekly as recommended by your vet.

    These are my staple greens
    Mustard greens
    Collard greens
    Dandelion greens
    Turnip greens
    Arugula (Rocket)
    Escarole (a type of lettuce)
    Endive (a type of lettuce)

    These are my staple veggies, which I alternate
    Snap green beans
    Snow peas
    Squash (yellow, zucchini, acorn, butternut, etc.)

    You can also top your iguana salads with flowers. Some are in the iguana diet thread and some are here.

    These are occasional greens I mix in. I buy lizard veggies once or twice a week, so after like three or 4 purchases I will grab one of these occasional greens and add them in daily until they are gone.
    and some of the other herbs listed on the link I gave you above.

    These are occasional veggies I mix in. Same as above, every couple of weeks I will grab an occasional veggie and use it daily or every other day until gone.
    Bell peppers (red, green and yellow)
    Spagetti squash
    Sweet potatoe

    Remember that for an iguana variety is key. They will get their required nutrition if you feed a lot of different greens and veggies.

    I also give fruit on occasion, banana, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, apple, pear (all of these cut small if your iguana is small.)
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