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Thread: Build an iguana cage cheap and easy

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    Build an iguana cage cheap and easy

    Hi all! I want to tell you how we built our terrariums. We were in a difficult situation where we had two new iguanas. Instead of a single cage at the same time we had to make three cages. Therefore, we used the materials that we had available.
    We had two wardrobes and a few pieces of OSB

    We've gathered three of the framework. However, OSB and particle board - not the most useful materials. So we made such processing: we used a layer of silicone.

    From above is a decorative material - cork panels for walls "DEKWALL". We made the process of roof: silicone + Foil thermal insulation
    Immediately made air vents in the roof and walls.

    When we found the size terrariums ready, we ordered the doors.

    We used UV lamps (tubes) 10.0, 30 W

    For heating, we used two types of lighting fixtures:

    Thus the roof is:

    Thanks to several fixtures at the same time we can include all the lights or only some of them. Thus we can easily control the temperature.

    Oriented strand board - OSB
    Unfortunately, in Russia, and for people using materials OSB and particle board.
    The foil protects the roof from heat lamps.

    Mounting shelves. Because we use 10.0, the distance from the UV lamp to a shelf 40 cm

    Humidity in the terrariums. We use household humidifiers. They stand outside of the vivarium. The steam is fed to the terrarium through tubes of different diameters (for different humidifiers).

    Thus vapor hits the iguana.

    To cover the shelves we use Velcro. Velcro attached to the shelf staples like this:

    Coating on the shelves to easily change for cleaning.
    Our shelves have different forms depending on the size of the cage and iguanas.
    For the bottom we like to use tile.

    Basins for iguanas.
    We use different heating systems for swimming pools and various types of pools.
    In two terrariums we have plastic basins that we take out to replace the water.

    Heating these plastic cans can be achieved as follows. The first option - the heat cable to 80 watts.

    A rule for heat cable installation - you should not be crossing the cable.

    The second option - a mat with infrared heater "Good heat"

    This is a very simple installation options basin and its heating. They are inexpensive.

    This is a more expensive version of the basin, which is integrated in the cage.

    To replace the water we use the drain.

    Pool heating is achieved with the help of heat cable for premises.

    This heat cable can work with the controller.

    The cable has a length of 10 meters - - therefore it is partially under the bottom of the terrarium.

    I would add that we have a very warm apartment. Therefore, we do not use ceramic heaters at night. Our apartment is always the day 28-30 Celsius. At night, the temperature in the terrarium does not fall below 26 degrees Celsius.

    It's the little details that can be useful. Thus we eliminate the ability to have their reflection shown in the glass - is outside lights on the glass doors.

    Specific concerns arise about the behavior of the male. So his glass doors were covered on the inside with an opaque layer. We checked with linky - windows do not reflect.

    Linky, I'll soon make new photos of the terrariums. Now, I used the old archives. If you have questions, I'll gladly answer. In the terraria we now have cost digital thermometers and hygrometers. In one cage is a nest for iguana-girl.
    Linky, thank you much!
    We understand that we have to make more spacious terrariums in the future. But our experience is useful to people who urgently need terrariums. And if the iguana can not wait for when his owners will be financially able to do so.
    As Scarlett said: "I'll think about it tomorrow". And now we have a good terrariums, and we did it quickly.

    Thank you, friends!
    Stephen, in fact it is a very simple example terrariums. Their construction does not require large expenditures and time. This can useful for those who do not have much money, but the cage is urgently needed.
    This is the result of the cage for the Boy. Another topic is our error in this cage.

    Today is the day I clean the terrariums. So I have taken photos of them

    I want to add a photo of handy shelves. We really like this form - in the form of half of the guitar. This allows you to visually reduce the shelf. And besides iguana can conveniently turn on the shelf due to the wider part of the shelf.

    Method of mounting the mattresses:
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    I'm thinking of rebeuilding a cage from scratch (when I have the money,) This will be very useful

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