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Thread: Lucy's enclosure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarl View Post
    Without a ceiling on the enclosure, your plaster ceiling is exposed to an awful lot of humidity. How do you keep it mildew free... and not have it become waterlogged and come down? I had a terrible time with mildew when I was using the bath as a steam room for Darwin, and that was only a few hours a day for a year.
    I find that the best thing to fight mildew is very good insulation. In the small place where I cook, sleep and run Johnny's humidifier, the only place I get mildew is around the balcony doors, where the insulation is bad. And they are farther from the humidifier than the walls or ceiling.

    If the walls are well insulated, they are not cold and so the humidity cannot condense into water.
    The floor has bad insulation, so I got mildew on the carpets and mattress.

    Maybe it is the same with your walls.
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    That makes sense, Mariana. Thanks!

    In my case, Darwin does not spend hours at 100% humidity in the bath anymore, so I do not have trouble with mildew. His basking spot in the bedroom has 2 humidifiers, but the only place I get condensation is the window (there are always fresh towels there).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenn View Post
    That is a very nice set up, I think this is the first time I have seen the entire enclosure.
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    Right, he is great at designing enclosures
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    I am not clear but have been trying to figure it out. What are "snags'? Please helpThank you:)

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    It is what branches translate from Russian as. There are several words that translate in an unusual way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nick in iowa View Post
    I am not clear but have been trying to figure it out. What are "snags'? Please helpThank you:)
    I had no idea that this translation was wrong.
    Ann is right. Sometimes our Russian word has a different meaning in English.
    I always thought that snags are what's right.
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