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Thread: Iguana Not Eating Well

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    And, Irina, therein lies my problem. With more than one I would be overwhelmed and not devote enough time to each. But that's what happens when you have so many of various kinds of animals.
    Malakai sure enjoys the summers, by the way. I take him outside every morning and I have a mister set up for humidity, although I don't know how well it works. But at least he doesn't get too hot.
    My name is Sharon, mommy to Malakai. We live in Vacaville, CA in the US.

    If it's meant to be it'll be, if it ain't it won't... it's life, live with it.

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    Sharon, this is the problem of many. I do not have many different animals, but sometimes there are many iguanas. I understand that if only Juanita lived, I could only pay attention to her. But I remember that Boy, Lucy or Kiwi would not have a good home .... so I certainly have a double feeling. But I understand that if the iguana is only one, then there are more advantages. Because iguanas require communication.
    Besides, Sharon, you have no way out. You have a ranch. And this implies the presence of many animals. But I think that Malakai is happy with you.
    My name is Irina. Sorry my mistakes in English.

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