Water is like super juice to Bearded dragons! Most people prefer to go with the idea that they get enough water from their food and do not need more than that. I cant say that this believe is wrong, however, what we feed them in our homes are far different from what they get in the wild. Their natural environment gets between 200-250mm of rain a year, the plants in the outback stores water to survive drought and when the dragons eat these plants they receive the needed water, our plants do not store water in the same way.

Another method of giving water is with a syringe. Do this every single day at almost the same time and your bearded dragon will learn that it is a source of water and start to drink. It can take weeks or even months but as soon as they get the hang of it they drink almost every time.

A good thread to read on how to do it and why it is important: How to give your bearded dragon water and why it is important.