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Thread: Saltwater Aquarium - Empty!

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    Triggers and corals don't go together at all! Unless you like your corals to be food. HAHAHA

    I don't have anything in there right now. I'm just doing water changes to get the nitrates down and then I will start with some test fish. I want to make sure it's safe first. I was really leaning towards getting a pufferfish and not having coral at the moment.

    Does anyone know if fish are okay with high nitrates? It will take a while to get them down. I know corals and certain invertebrates can't have high nitrates, but I don't think that bothers fish. It's been so long since I learned about saltwater tanks that I've forgotten a lot. Guess I will have to dig out some books.
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    Sharon, I unfortunately can not give advice. But I am looking forward to the upgrade. And good luck to you!
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