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Thread: Help with iguana enclosure!!

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    Measuring from the lamp to the top of the animal's head while standing up:
    100W: 14"
    160W: 20"

    This explains it in some greater detail:

    Bigger wattage does not mean more benefits for the animal, it has to do with the available space.

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    Megaray 160w is usually for very large ( tall ) enclosure setups though.

    Like Mariana posted the distance should be 20 inches. Make sure your iguana has no access to go closer to the bulb in order to avoid thermal burn. Even though you set the 20 inches distance I would double check the basking temperature to be safe. Also using a powerful bulb like that will reduce humidity around it. If you have difficulty raising the humidity I wouldn't recommend the 160w.

    Looking at your enclosure picture maybe it's better to have 2 megaray 100w instead of one 160w.

    One for the left shelf & 2nd one for the center branch for example.
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