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Thread: How to Set Up Humidifer

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    How to Set Up Humidifer

    Everyone has different enclosure set-ups and this is just basic idea of how the humidifiers can be placed.

    There are factors every iguana owner has to consider since each of us live in a different area with different weather but I live in Arizona where the average humidity is around 10-15%. It's always challenging to raise the humidity for my iguana.

    Here is a few things you need to consider.

    1) The more you use air conditioner or heating system the drier the ambient air will become.

    2) Iguanas spend most of the time on their basking spot. The basking area needs to have the right UVB light, heat & humidity combination for their health.

    3) Always have a digital temperature gun & digital hygrometer to test the basking spot. ( please don't get analog. It's not accurate )

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    Here is how I set humidifiers for my iguana's enclosure.

    Charby's enclosure is 8ft x 8ft x 4ft so I do use 2 humidifiers but it just depends on the size of the enclosure, where you live, how often you run your central cooling/heating unit etc. It's your job to find the right way of meeting your iguana's environment requirements.

    Smaller enclosure should be just fine with one humidifier.

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    I don't have a perfect enclosure set-up for my Charby but please forgive me lol

    The right side humidifier is the most important one. It gives his basking spot with 60-70% humidity constantly.

    Running the UVB & Heat bulbs reduce the humidity level ( because of the high temperature those bulbs run ) so that's where you want to focus how much humidity your iguana is getting.

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    The left side humidifier going into his enclosure is to bump up more overall enclosure humidity ( around 70-80% ).

    The very left side humidifier is to raise the whole room humidity.


    I don't have any mold issues since the enclosure is half open & fresh/dry Arizona air is circulating gently. If you have closed enclosure you need to set up some exhaust fan to avoid mold. ( for smaller enclosures placing PC cooling fan backwards should work to exhaust the moist & stagnant air out without causing strong air flow inside of the enclosure ).

    Run the humidifier meeting iguana's humidity level while gentle but potent exhaust fan ( just like your bathroom ) is the key to avoid any mold.

    ***Do Not make inside of the enclosure windy/gusty. Your iguana will get respiratory problems.

    Cool Humidifier I use ( USA )

    Room humidifier for human works the best! Do not pay for " reptile humidifier ". You are paying nearly double for same things.

    This one is what I use. ( I use 3 of them together daily. They are good & cheap enough to deal with my abusive usages )

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    It's anywhere from $23-40 depends on the deal.

    The most important feature:

    1) it has automatic shut-off

    2) it has decent water tank capacity

    3) easy to clean the grime

    4) it has output adjustment

    5) the mist nozzle comes off for easier hose modifications

    6) one unit only use 35 kw/h

    7) no I don't get paid for recommending this product but they should pay me !!!

    Well stick to the humidifiers you feel comfortable for what you need lol.

    I like this humidifier because I can modify the way I want.

    This is the original form with the mist nozzle but the nozzle comes off easy.

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    I can stick a clear PVC pipe for the direction/length I want to send the mist to.

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    Either place a short tube or longer tube into the enclosure for whatever you need.

    The clear PVC tube ( outer dimension 1 & 1/4 inch ) fits right into this humidifier without any couplings.

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    Cut the clear tube for the length for your iguana enclosure needs

    *** Do not place the humidifier inside of the enclosure. The humidifier will break from too much humidity.

    Warm Humidifier

    I have it and I stopped using it because of the possible burn for my iguana from the hot steam.

    It consumes more than 350-500 kw/h and overall it's not effective for larger area.

    Mist Maker

    I know there is interesting mist makers out there but don't depends on it as a main reptile humidifier.

    1) It never raises enough humidity the way your reptile needs

    2) by the time you spend modifications for water bucket/bowl with pc fan to blow the mist you are better off buying a room humidifier ( total electric usage of the mist maker & pc fan will be around 30 kw/h just like a room humidifier after all ).

    3) yes I have it for fun lol

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    This stuff is a mold maker. Mold will grow around it's base and it won't even raise humidity upwards.

    Go Nuts

    If you want to bump up a whole room humidity up to 1000-2000 sq/ft for your iguana's free roaming time I recommend evaporative cooler.

    This is what I have for my iguana's free roaming.

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    This unit is larger/noisier than a room humidifier but it is made for up to 3500 sq/ft. It raises humidity like crazy for my iguana room.

    Only 35 kw/h

    The filter has to be replaced every 2 month which is $12

    *** I Do Not use this for my iguana's enclosure since it's too powerful & doesn't have automatic shut-off system. I only use it under the supervision.
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    I think you have covered everything, Taka
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    Awesome Taka, thank you.
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    Very useful!
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