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Thread: Iguana Diet - Edible Plants and Flowers

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    Iguana Diet - Edible Plants and Flowers

    Plants and flowers that can be included in your tortoise diet. Please take note of the scientific name and which part of the plant is edible, if it states Edible Flower then only the flower may be given. I omitted plants where sub species are not edible and can cause confusion.

    These plants are only meant as an addition to the diet and should not be used as a staple unless otherwise stated.

    Name:  Agave-Americana.jpg
Views: 2614
Size:  2.2 KB Agave
    Agave spp.
    Edible Leaves

    Name:  angelica.jpg
Views: 2551
Size:  2.2 KB Angelica, Archangelica Edible Plant
    Name:  Agastache foeniculum.jpg
Views: 2463
Size:  2.2 KB Anise Hyssop,
    Agastache Foeniculum, Agastache anisata
    Edible Plant
    Name:  bea balm.jpg
Views: 2423
Size:  2.2 KB Bea Balm,
    Monarda didyma
    Edible Plant
    Name:  BEGONIAS tuberous.JPG
Views: 2411
Size:  3.2 KB Begonias -Tuberous,
    Begonia X Tuberosa

    Edible Plant

    Name:  wax begonias.jpg
Views: 2382
Size:  3.4 KB Begonias - Wax,
    Begonia Cucullata
    Edible Plant

    Name:  biennial clary.jpg
Views: 2379
Size:  4.1 KB Biennial Clary,
    Salvia sclarea
    Edible Flowers

    Name:  borago.jpg
Views: 2342
Size:  3.9 KB Borage,
    Borago officinalis
    Edible leaves and blossoms
    Name:  sanguisorba_minor.jpg
Views: 2341
Size:  4.3 KB Burnet,
    Salald Burnet,
    Garden Burnet,
    Sanquisorba minor
    Edible leaves

    Name:  calendula.jpg
Views: 2316
Size:  12.9 KB Calendula,
    Calendula Officinalis
    Edible Flower petals
    Name:  campanula versicolor.jpg
Views: 2303
Size:  3.7 KB Campanula versicolor Edible Plant

    Name:  carnation.jpg
Views: 2278
Size:  1.6 KB Carnation,
    Dianthus caryophyllus,
    Edible Flowers

    Name:  chamomile.jpg
Views: 2275
Size:  3.7 KB Chamomile,
    Chamaemelum noblis
    Edible Plant
    Eat in moderation
    Name:  chervil.jpg
Views: 2245
Size:  3.5 KB Chervil,
    Anthriscus cerefolium
    Edible Plant
    Name:  chickweed.jpg
Views: 2227
Size:  3.4 KB Chickweed,
    Stellaria media
    Edible Plant
    High in Vitamins and minerals.
    C:P 2.7:1
    Name:  chinese mallow.jpg
Views: 2253
Size:  3.2 KB Chinese Mallow,
    Malva verticillata

    Edible Leaves

    Name:  Chrysanthemum Coronarium.jpg
Views: 2229
Size:  12.0 KB Chop-Suey Greens
    Chrysanthemum coronarium
    Edible Plant

    Name:  coronarium.jpg
Views: 2196
Size:  3.3 KB Chrysanthemum,
    Chrysanthemum Coronarium
    Edible Flower petals
    Only the Coronarium
    Name:  clover.jpg
Views: 2190
Size:  2.9 KB Clover,
    Trifolium species
    Edible Plant

    Name:  common knotgrass.jpg
Views: 2186
Size:  3.4 KB Common knotgrass,
    Polygonum aviculare
    Edible Plant

    Name:  cornflower 2.jpg
Views: 2185
Size:  3.9 KB Cornflower,
    Centaurea Cynaus,
    Bachelor's Buttons

    Edible Flower
    Name:  dahlia.jpg
Views: 2182
Size:  20.4 KB Dahlia,
    Dahlia spec,
    Dahlia pinnata
    Edible Flower
    Name:  dame's rocket.jpg
Views: 2170
Size:  3.6 KB Dame's Rocket,
    Hesperis matronalis
    Edible Plant

    Name:  dianthus.jpg
Views: 2173
Size:  18.8 KB Dianthus
    Dianthus spp
    Chinese pink / Pink
    Edible Flowers

    Name:  dill.jpg
Views: 2162
Size:  2.1 KB Dill,
    Anthum graveolens
    Edible Plant

    Name:  elderberry.jpg
Views: 2149
Size:  3.8 KB Elderberry,
    Sambucus canadensis
    Edible Flowers and berries

    Name:  English daisy.jpg
Views: 2164
Size:  3.5 KB English Daisy,
    Bellis Perennis
    Edible Flowers

    Name:  evening primrose.jpg
Views: 2160
Size:  2.6 KB Evening Primrose,
    Ozark Sundrops
    Edible Flowers
    Oenothera macrocarpa, Oenothera odorata,
    Oenothera versicolor, Oenothera speciosa,
    Oenothera missouriensis
    Name:  french scorzonera.jpg
Views: 2250
Size:  3.9 KB French Scorzonera,
    Reichardia picroides
    Edible Leaves
    Name:  Fuchsia.jpg
Views: 2146
Size:  3.0 KB Fuchsia,
    Fuchsia X hybrida
    Edible Flowers and Berries

    Name:  gazanias.jpg
Views: 2165
Size:  4.6 KB Gazania,
    Gazania spp

    Edible Flowers
    Leaves are safe if eaten
    Name:  garden sorrel.jpg
Views: 2155
Size:  2.8 KB Garden Sorrel,
    Rumex acetosa
    Edible plant

    Name:  gardenia jasminoides.jpg
Views: 2151
Size:  3.6 KB Gardenia augusta,
    Gardenia jasminoides,
    Common Gardenia,
    Cape Jasmine,
    Cape Jessamine
    Edible Flowers

    Name:  geranium.jpg
Views: 2137
Size:  19.5 KB Geranium,
    Pelargonium species
    Edible plant
    Citronelle variety - not edible
    Name:  gladiolus.jpg
Views: 2157
Size:  4.1 KB Gladiolus,
    Gladiolus spp
    Edible Flower Petals

    Name:  goutweed.jpg
Views: 2133
Size:  3.2 KB Goutweed,
    Ground Elder,
    Aegopodium podagraria
    Edible plant
    Rich in calcium
    Name:  grape vitis vinifera.jpg
Views: 2157
Size:  3.4 KB Grape,
    Vitis vinifera
    Edible leaves and fruit
    Name:  hawkbit.jpg
Views: 2150
Size:  3.0 KB Hawkbit,
    Leontodon hispidus
    Edible plant
    Name:  hibiscus leaves.jpg
Views: 2138
Size:  2.5 KB Hibiscus spp. leaves,
    Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
    Contains Iron, Essential B Vitamins,
    High in Vitamin A, C and E.
    Name:  hibiscus flower.jpg
Views: 2157
Size:  17.5 KB Hibiscus spp. Flower,
    Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
    Name:  honeysuckle.jpg
Views: 2149
Size:  2.7 KB Hollyhocks,
    Alcea rosea
    Edible Flowers
    Name:  hollyhock.jpg
Views: 2156
Size:  3.1 KB Honeysuckle,
    Lonicera japonica
    Edible Flowers
    Berries are highly poisonous
    Name:  impatients.jpg
Views: 2144
Size:  3.1 KB Impatiens,
    Impatiens wallerana,
    Busy Lizzie
    Edible Flowers
    Name:  Johnny Jump Up.jpg
Views: 2157
Size:  3.9 KB Johnny Jump Up,
    Viola tricolor
    Edible Flower
    Name:  lamium album.jpg
Views: 2135
Size:  2.4 KB Lamium Alum,
    White dead-nettle
    Edible Plant
    Name:  lavender.jpg
Views: 2120
Size:  3.5 KB Lavender,
    Lavandula angustifolia
    Edible Plant

    Name:  lemon balm.jpg
Views: 2132
Size:  2.7 KB Lemon Balm,
    Melissa officinalis
    Edible Plant

    Name:  lilac.jpg
Views: 2135
Size:  3.1 KB Lilac,
    Syringa vulgaris
    Edible Flower

    Name:  linden.jpg
Views: 2109
Size:  2.8 KB Linden Tree,
    Tilia americana,
    Tilia caroliniana,
    Tilia heterophylla
    Edible Plant
    Name:  Lemon aloysia.jpg
Views: 2140
Size:  3.1 KB Lemon Verbena,
    Aloysia triphylla
    Edible Leaves
    Name:  maca.jpg
Views: 2127
Size:  3.6 KB Maca,
    Lepidium meyenii
    Edible Plant
    Roots are very nutritious
    Name:  malva.jpg
Views: 2126
Size:  3.2 KB Malva alcea,
    Musk Mallow,
    Malva moschata
    Edible Plant

    Name:  flowering maple.jpg
Views: 2141
Size:  2.2 KB Maple, Flowering Maple,
    Abutilon hybridum
    Edible Plant

    Name:  marigold.jpg
Views: 2128
Size:  3.3 KB Marigold,
    Tagetes tenuifolia
    aka T. signata
    Edible Flower
    Name:  marjoram.jpg
Views: 2126
Size:  2.8 KB Marjoram,
    Edible Plant

    Name:  althaea marshmallows.jpg
Views: 2129
Size:  3.0 KB Marsh Mallow,
    Common Marshmallow,
    Althaea officinalis
    Edible Plant

    Name:  Filipendula-ulmaria.JPG
Views: 2124
Size:  3.0 KB Meadowsweet,
    Filipendula ulmaria
    Edible Plant

    Name:  mulberry leaves.jpg
Views: 2115
Size:  2.5 KB Mulberry,
    Edible Plant
    Rich in Vitamins and Minerals
    Name:  nasturtium (2).jpg
Views: 2124
Size:  18.6 KB Nasturtium,
    Tropaeolum minus
    Staple - The whole plant
    Name:  okra.jpg
Views: 2119
Size:  1.6 KB Okra,
    Abelmoschus esculentus
    Edible Plant
    The leaves, flowers, root and fruit are edible.

    Name:  ornamental kale.jpg
Views: 2117
Size:  3.7 KB Ornamental Kale
    Brassica oleracea,
    Acephala Group
    Edible Plant

    Name:  pansy.jpg
Views: 2123
Size:  2.8 KB Pansy,
    Viola X wittrockiana
    Edible Plant

    Name:  peony paeonia.jpg
Views: 2124
Size:  3.1 KB Peony,
    Paeonia lactiflora
    Edible Flowers

    Name:  petunias.jpg
Views: 2120
Size:  13.8 KB Petunias Edible Flowers
    Name:  phlox.jpg
Views: 2124
Size:  3.0 KB Perennial Phlox,
    Phlox paniculata
    Edible Flowers
    Only the perennial is edible - tall grower.
    Not the creeper/annual
    Name:  pineapple guava.jpg
Views: 2094
Size:  2.8 KB Pineapple Guave,
    Feijoa sellowians
    Edible Flowers

    Name:  Plantain1.jpg
Views: 2050
Size:  4.1 KB Plantain, Plantago,
    Buck's-Horn Plantain,
    Plantago coronopus
    Edible Plant
    Name:  primula vulgarus.jpg
Views: 2116
Size:  11.1 KB Primrose,
    Primula vulgaris
    Edible plant

    Name:  raspberry leaves.jpg
Views: 2112
Size:  2.6 KB Raspberry Leaves,
    Rubus idaeus
    Edible Plant
    Name:  redbud.jpg
Views: 2102
Size:  3.6 KB Redbud
    Cercis canadensis
    Edible Flower

    Name:  Rose.jpg
Views: 2108
Size:  18.3 KB Rose Petals,
    Rosa rugosa
    R. gallica officinalis
    Edible Flower
    Name:  carthamus tinctorius.jpg
Views: 2109
Size:  3.6 KB Safflower, Koosumbha, Hoang-tchi,
    American safflower, Saffron,
    Edible Plant
    Carthamus tinctorius
    Name:  sainfoin.jpg
Views: 2089
Size:  3.5 KB Sainfoin
    Onobrychis viciifolia
    Edible Leaves
    Name:  salsify.jpg
Views: 2098
Size:  3.3 KB Salsify,
    Tragopogon porrifolius
    Edible Plant
    The roots can be grated
    Name:  savory.jpg
Views: 2103
Size:  2.8 KB Savory,
    Satureja hortensis
    Edible Leaves and Flowers

    Name:  shepherd's purse.jpg
Views: 2106
Size:  3.8 KB Shepherd's purse,
    Edible Plant
    Name:  Sinapis.jpg
Views: 2102
Size:  2.3 KB Sinapis alba
    White Mustard
    Edible Plant
    Rich in Calcium
    Name:  strawberry leaves.jpg
Views: 2096
Size:  3.4 KB Strawberry,
    Fragaria x ananassa
    Edible plant
    Name:  sunflower.jpg
Views: 2076
Size:  3.4 KB Sunflower,
    Helianthus annuus
    Edible Flower

    Name:  squash blossoms.jpg
Views: 2085
Size:  2.9 KB Squash,
    Pumpkin Blossoms,
    Curcubita pepo,
    Edible Plant

    Name:  MyrrhisOdorata.jpg
Views: 2077
Size:  3.8 KB Sweet Cicely
    Myrrhis odorata
    Edible plant

    Name:  mexican terragon sweet mace.jpg
Views: 2088
Size:  3.4 KB Sweet Mace,
    Mexican Tarragon,
    Winter Tarragon,
    Cloud Plant
    Edible plant
    Name:  violets.jpg
Views: 2070
Size:  2.9 KB Violets,
    Viola species
    Edible Leaves and Flower

    Name:  winter cress.jpg
Views: 2075
Size:  3.7 KB Winter Cress,
    Barbarea Vulgaris
    Edible Plant
    Yellow Rocketcress, Herb Barbara,
    Winter Rocket
    Name:  satureja montana.jpg
Views: 2057
Size:  3.6 KB Winter Savory
    Satureja montana
    Edible Plant

    Name:  yucca.jpg
Views: 2062
Size:  3.5 KB Yucca spp.

    Edible Flower

    I am Afrikaans speaking, excuse my English.


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    I would post it in a new thread and if there is a problem uploading the photo needs to be resized.

    Here is the instructions for photos
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