Trade Name:
Green Lizard, Emerald Lizard.

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Family & Scientific Name:
Lacertidae; Lacerta bilineata.

Identifying Features:

Males are bright green, sometimes with some evidence of dark reticulations. Females and juveniles are tan to gray.

Range & Origin:

Widely distributed in Europe. Most specimens in the pet trade are bred in Europe or America by hobbyists.

Adult Size:
10-12 Inches, of which about two-thirds is tail length. Males are somewhat larger than females.

Life Span:

3-8 Years.

Terrarium Size:
From one to several babies can be kept in a 20-gallon, long terrarium. A pair or trio of large adults should have a 40-gallon or larger terrarium.

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European Green Lizard

Terrarium Type:
Dry savannah or semiarid land terrarium. These lizards enjoy digging through a sandy soil substrate.

Social Structure:

Large males fight with each other. Pairs, trios or groups of juveniles can be housed safely communally.


A wide variety of insects and occasional blossom and the fruit-honey mixture are all accepted.

Potential Problems:
If kept warm and dry enough (hot spot of 100 115F) these are generally hardy, trouble free lizards. Dampness can cause potentially fatal skin disorders.

References: Bartlett, R.D., and Patricia Bartlett. Lizard Care from A to Z. Hauppage, NY: Barron's Education Series.