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Thread: Exo Terra Solar Glo and Repti Glo UVB Test Result

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    Just to add, the bad things I read about MegaRay turned out to be due to either inappropriate fixtures (user mistake), or a knock-off product bought from strange vendors.
    The original sellers offer one year guarantee on the product.
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    I like the long life of Mega Ray. I do not mean the minimum life for UV radiation. For example, my old Mega Ray is still working. I know that there is no UV, but they stand in terrariums, like heating lamps. I change the usual mirror heating lamps more often than my old Mega Ray.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
    Up to this day I have not read one bad thing about MegaRay. If you buy authentic and fit them in appropriate sockets, they provide proper uvb for about 18 months.

    It will be alright to use the lamp you have for a month.

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    Oh wow that is awesome I will definitely look into getting one soon and within the next month

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